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Chet Knaup



Chet is the Business Leader for Spectrum Energy, a licensed Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP and Building Energy Modeling Professional. Chet’s interest in energy efficiency began back in 2000, while he was working for an HVAC manufacturer. Since that time, Chet transitioned into consulting
engineering where his passion for energy efficiency blossomed and grew, as he practiced in one of the greenest cities — Portland, OR. Over the past 18 years, Chet has had the unique opportunity to work on energy efficient projects in numerous states, multiple countries and five different

Chet has worked with green building certification programs for the past 11 years. Chet has been fortunate to have worked on LEED and Passive House (PHIUS) Certified projects, as a Mechanical Engineer, Energy Engineer, Sustainability Consultant and Project Manager.

Jenny Zhi Gao



Jenny is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and LEED AP with 6 years of industry experience and 2 years of research experience in building technology and sustainable design. She earned her master’s degree in Energy and the Environment Engineering at the University of Maryland – College Park. Inspired by the renewable energy research during college, she started her energy engineer career in 2014. Jenny offers diverse experience, as she has worked on different types of buildings, including new and existing constructions, in multiple states and several countries. She dedicated her passion to finding energy-efficient measures and thermal comfort solutions for owners, designers, and tenants. Jenny also enjoys spreading her knowledge inside and outside the workplace. She developed an online course teaching building energy modeling with eQuest simulation software, which has more than 15,000 downloads and views.

Zachary Yamin

Zachary Yamin



Zachary attended the University of Maryland where he took the same academic path as his father. Being raised by a mechanical engineer exposed him to this vast and inspiring field at an early age. On the other hand, it has also brought to light the devastating impacts that creations of mechanical engineers have on the environment. With a desire to join the effort to preserve our home without being called a “tree-hugger”, Zach entered the field of energy in an effort to sabotage the engineering world and change it from the inside. Being able to provide energy efficient business solutions gives him the platform to do his part in the movement toward a sustainable existence as well as to save you money.

Jessica Burns


Jessica utilizes her experience and connections in the construction industry to provide knowledgeable and professional administrative expertise to our clients.  Jessica’s depth of knowledge in the construction industry includes workplace safety, procurement, estimating, operations and project management.  Jessica’s insight and understanding of the industry aids her in managing project deliverables, maintaining schedules, updating clients and processing incentives.  Clients experience Jessica’s organization, communication and commitment first hand while working with Spectrum Energy.

In her free time, she enjoys working out, video games, reading and spoiling her dog.

Tom Polansky

Tom Polansky


Tom, a Senior Energy Engineer with Spectrum Energy, is a mechanical engineer executive with 30 years of experience in the areas of energy conservation projects, design of energy efficient mechanical systems, implementation of emerging renewable energy distributed generation technologies, and all types of energy efficiency. 

He graduated in 1983 from Valparaiso University in Indiana with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Earlier in his career, Tom was instrumental in selling and overseeing projects with the military and NASA including specialized HVAC systems to cool docked submarines, ruggedized mobile electronics shelters, anti-ballistic missile defense systems, three of the space shuttles, Delta rockets, and highly specialized transport systems for satellites.   Later in his career, he was responsible for many energy projects including extensive energy projects at five large Army garrisons in the MD/VA/DC area. 

With his passion in energy efficiency, he analyzes buildings to determine the most cost-effective energy conservation measures using both conventional and out of the box approaches. 

On winter weekends, he can be found at Whitetail Resort instructing people of all ages on the how to ski.  In warmer weather he enjoys riding dirt bikes and playing beach volleyball.

Shailesh Negi

Shailesh Negi



Shailesh is a licensed Certified Energy Manager for over 10 years and serves as the Senior Energy Engineer Lead for Spectrum Energy. His interest in energy efficiency and management sparked in 2008 when he was granted an opportunity to work as a Research Associate with the Industrial Assessment Center at Oklahoma State University. He turned his interest into a full-time passion and has ever since gained valuable experience developing turnkey energy projects for Commercial and Industrial sectors. His expertise further expands to providing technical leadership and cost-effective framework for various state driven utility demand response programs.

Shailesh also serves as a mentor and believes in fostering an environment where brainstorming leads to practical ideas and effective solutions for his clients. During his free time, Shailesh enjoys traveling, watching sports, cooking, and spending time with his family.

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