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With biding projects, coordinating with architects and engineers, hiring sub consultants, appeasing owners and managing project deliverables.  Who’s got time to chase down utility rebates, find incentives, worry about energy models or hire the right people to complete the work?

What if we told you that we can bring you a service that makes you More price competitive?  Interested?

Spectrum Energy has that service in our Capital Funding program.  We step in to assist you with project inception to completion services.  Our dedicated team of energy engineers and project managers review your projects to determine what rebates, incentives and financing are available prior to bidding.  Having the knowledge of funding available enables you to make job specific contracts that can position you to be more price competitive.  How does this work you might ask?

building design

  • Efficiency measure evaluation funding.
  • Certification funding.


  • Spectrum evaluates funding potential.
  • You write a contract with a net cost.


  • Energy efficient equipment funding
  • Funding for services.

post construction

  • Energy efficient building tax funding.
  • Lower operation cost for owner.
Spectrum Energy identifies funding available, based on the building type, location, owner, etc…  Once the funding programs are determined, we develop an estimated incentive amount and proposal.

Next, you have two choices:

  1. Reduce the project cost based on the owner signing over the incentives.
  2. Show the owner the net cost including the incentives and the cost to obtain the incentives.

Who in your market is providing such services?  Why don’t you become the first?

Our services are typically paid through or by the incentives obtained on the project.  Our process includes review of specified equipment to determine if it meets the incentive requirements.  If it doesn’t, our team can identify efficient equipment to meet the requirements and develop a Life Cycle Cost Analysis, enabling an informed decision.

Estimates are provided free of charge and include a proposal, then you decide if you wish to move forward with hiring us.

Services include:

– Incentives –
– Energy Analysis and Comparisons –
– Code and LEED energy models –
– Energy Audits –
– Commissioning –

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