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Add value to your products & services.  Spectrum Energy started as part of a Distributor (Havtech LLC) as a way to increase the value proposition to clients.  Help you clients find money to pay for your equipment or improve your margins.

Spectrum Energy evolved from a distributor, filling a need to differentiate services from an ever-growing industry.  Spectrum services were not only a differentiator, they facilitated discussions comparing different HVAC system as a method to quantify the pros/cons for specific buildings.  Providing sales engineers with building specific HVAC comparisons enabled Havtech LLC to sell based on performance, with evidence of the projected savings, not just “it should save around 20%” or “it will easily outperform the competition.”  In addition, having the annual energy consumption and cost enables Life Cycle Cost Analysis and incentive calculations, further separating the services of typical distributors.

The services provided included energy analysis of competitive products, incentive and capital funding research and processing, and finally energy modeling services (LEED, Code Compliance, LCCA).

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