Why Would You Not Hire Us?

Our staff of diverse and knowledgeable engineers listen first and make recommendations second.

Our staff of diverse and knowledgeable engineers listen first and make recommendations after a thorough understanding of the opportunity (problem\\challenge). As we interview a new owner and\\or developer, we want to know about you, your company, your project and your vision. What about this project makes you energized? Are there challenges that you need resolved?

As engineers, we live for opportunities; it’s what fulfills us. Our sole focus is on finding the perfect solution to your opportunities. We find it equally fulfilling when our solutions save energy, save clients money and help save our planet.

Once we understand your goals and challenges, we assemble a package of services that best support your needs.


Few consultants evaluate capital funding for an Owner/Developer. Typically, our services pay for themselves through funds that we acquire for our clients.


Through holistic approach we evaluate:

  • Capital Funding – Capital funding include evaluating for utility incentives; federal, state and local programs; financing (PACE and Green Bank Loans) and grants
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis – evaluate utility bills, develop energy models, provide cost estimating, create operation and maintenance budget estimates
  • Building Energy Audits and Master Plans – develop plans, conduct life cycle cost analysis, research capital funding opportunities, evaluate existing conditions in an effort to create a long term building maintenance and upgrade plan for owners to execute.

Additional standard services include:

  • Energy Modeling for GREEN Certification – create and document models for LEED certification, NGBS, Green Globe
  • Energy Modeling for Code Compliance – provide documentation and modeling to meet energy code requirements for projects 
  • 179D Federal Tax Deduction – provide certified report and modeling to meet IRS requirements 

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