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Project Name:

8757 Georgia Avenue

Utility Company: PEPCO

Incentive: $241,000

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Project Details

In 2019, Washington Property Company (WPC) approached Complete Building Services (CBS) to assist with a building that was lacking in properly functioning HVAC equipment and digital control capabilities. At its worst, Silver Spring Plaza was given an EnergyStar rating of 24 out of 100, rendering extremely inefficient facility operation. CBS reached out to partner Spectrum Energy to develop a cost-effective Master Plan designed to bring better performance, lower operating costs, and tenant comfort. The Master Plan
incorporated an ASHRAE Level 3 Audit with incentive funding services, creating an immediate project with future phased projects to follow. Phase 1 included a new cooling tower, building automation controls and variable frequency drives with a total cost of $550,000. Spectrum’s capital funding service captured $240,000 of incentives from PEPCO, plus a $204,000 reduction in Federal Taxes. Accompanied with $111,000 of annual energy savings, the project payback was an astounding 0.95 yrs.

Project Name:


Utility Company: PEPCO

Incentive: $140,000

Project Details

In Sep 2017, Havtech LLC reached out to Spectrum Energy for potential energy incentives on the an office building that was home to a long term tenant. The project is located in Rockville, MD, where the building owner wanted to replace the existing chillers which are at the end of their useful life.

The project is a replacement of two 660 ton water cooled centrifugal chillers with two 650 ton magnetic bearing chillers in the central chiller plant. Plus the replacement of two existing 320 ton water cooled centrifugal chillers with a 100 ton magnetic bearing chiller. The new chillers utilize oil-less design, variable speed control and high efficiency technology. The results of the enhanced new chillers estimate a total annual energy savings of 510,000 kWh, which saves $60,000 in annual operating cost.

Spectrum Energy and Havtech provided a collaborative effort to obtain $140,000 in utility incentives. Havtech provided the building and plant data and Spectrum Energy developed the custom energy models that made the incentive possible. The owner was able to utilize the incentive to take an instant discount on the chillers, which helped to reduce project cost.

Project Name:


Utility Company: BGE

Incentive: $106,000

Project Details

Havtech LLC reached out to Spectrum Energy for potential energy incentives on the Patapsco High School renovation. The Patapsco High School is part of the Baltimore County Public School system which is located within BGE territory.  The high school required new HVAC equipment to replace the existing aged system. The equipment on the project included nine Aaon DOAS rooftop units, seven Aaon air handling units, one 400 ton air cooled chiller, VFD pumps and twenty-two Daikin Ductless Split System AC/HPs.

Spectrum Energy identified the qualifying equipment per BGE incentive guidelines and submitted the incentive applications for three Aaon DOAS RTU’s, one Daikin air-cooled chiller, twenty Daikin DDS’s and VFD’s.

Spectrum Energy obtained incentives of $106,000 on this project. Spectrum Energy works with utility companies in MD, VA, DC, PA and NC to obtain incentives for our clients.  Let’s see what money we can get for your project!

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